The Llandudno Vikings – The Big Sleepout 2024

Sunday, February 4th, 2024- Latest News

  The Llandudno Vikings Are Back!   Starting February 1st, owner Nathan Midgley and fellow Viking Marcus Williams, will be spending 28 nights sleeping on the streets of Llandudno. With no tent and nothing but their trusty bivvy bags and a bit of cardboard, Nathan & Marcus will brave whatever weather is thrown their way. Throughout the challenge They will be joined by various members of the Llandudno Vikings, local business owners, and anyone else mad enough to get involved. This challenge is to help raise money, support, and awareness for the increasingly tragic issues of mental health and homelessness. Namely the charities Conwy Mind & Hope Restored who do fantastic work in our local community and deserve all the help and support they can get.     You can donate directly to their Givewheel here: The Big Sleepout 2024 – GiveWheel You can follow Nathan, Marcus, and the rest of the Vikings through this challenge on Facebook and Instagram Please do whatever you can to get behind these fantastic people while they try and support two very deserving charities!    

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M.V. Tynedale – Landlubbers Cruise – 32 Years on the High Seas

Sunday, February 4th, 2024- Latest News

The M.V. Tynedale’s World Famous Landlubber Mock Cruise is Back! Going on 32 years, our increasingly popular mock cruise themed breaks have launched for another fun packed season. Four night themed breaks running between late January and mid April. Guests will be shipped around the world to four exciting locations. We begin in Paris, ‘The City of Lights’ where passengers will be welcomed with open arms by our crew. While the ship’s porters deal with luggage, all passengers will be treated to a complimentary cake with tea or coffee, just so long as they’ve had their passports stamped! Once all passengers have settled in, we begin the night with a cocktail party, with a complimentary cocktail and designer canapes followed by a briefing from the ship’s officers. Once our Trans-Atlantic restaurant deck opens, passengers will be treated to a sumptuous evening meal with a French twist and a touch of theatre. Then we’re off to our next port of call, Acapulco, Mexico. Day two sees us arriving in Acapulco, Mexico! Guests should be wary of Godfrey the camel who has been known to make multiple appearances whilst in Mexico. There’s complimentary tea, coffee, and cake in the afternoon and passengers can take part in our casino night before dinner. Full size roulette and blackjack tables with chips for everyone to join in! Then another fantastic meal followed by entertainment while the ship leaves Acapulco for its next port of call, Honolulu, Hawaii. Day Three and we’ve landed in Honolulu, Hawaii. After breakfast and an afternoon of exploring the island, guests will be treated to another complimentary cake with tea and coffee as well as deck games to stoke some competition amongst the passengers. Then passengers may be joined by some local wildlife during our duty-free beach party whereafter another wonderful meal will be served in our Trans-Atlantic restaurant and we set sail to our final destination, Venice, Italy. Our final destination is the beautiful city of Venice. A complimentary cake with tea and coffee is again on the agenda during the afternoon, followed by deck games and a chance to ride in our gondola. For our final evening the captain invites his guests to join him for a masquerade cocktail party followed by a delicious Italian themed banquet where a few lucky distinguished guest will join him on the Captain’s table. Here at the M.V. Tynedale, we always look forward to our cruising season as do many of our guests. Here’s to safe seas for the remainder of our voyages!   Click Here to Download Cruise 2023/2024 Itinerary      

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2023 Route One Coach and Bus Awards

Thursday, November 9th, 2023- Latest News

A huge Tynedale congratulations to Alan & Paul Cartwright and all the team at A & P Travel (Winners) and Clair Owen and Pam Draper of Clairs of Derbyshire (Finalist) at the 2023 Route one coach and bus awards. We are absolutely delighted for them and proud to be associated. Well done to both operators all that hard work has been recognised.  

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Tynedale Hotel Supports Ex Employee and Professional Boxer Ryan Harris

Monday, June 5th, 2023- Latest News

We’re proud to announce that one of our own is starting their professional boxing career on Friday 9th June!   Ex employee, Ryan Harris, will be starting his journey into the world of professional boxing at Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester on Friday 9th June.   Everyone here at the Tynedale is immensely proud of Ryan and what he’s achieved. We all wish him the best of luck in his new and well deserved career! Once a member of the Tynedale family, always a member of the Tynedale Family!   We have no doubt he will prosper in this incredible endeavor! The Tynedale proudly sponsors Ryan Harris’ first professional boxing match.   Follow Ryan on Instagram: Ryan TheBomber Harris (@ryanharris1014) on Instagram

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Tynedale Hotel Places 10th in TripAdvisor’s Top Hotels in the UK!

Monday, June 5th, 2023- Latest News

  We’ve been named the 10th best hotel in the UK by TripAdvisor! TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2023 have named the Tynedale Hotel the 10th best hotel you can visit in the UK! We are absolutely thrilled, honoured, and humbled by this huge recognition. It Is unimaginable that out of all the hotels in the UK we have been named in TripAdvisor’s top ten places to stay. How did they even begin to find us? There’s an awful lot of thank you’s that we need to make but the number 1 reason we have been placed so highly is all down to our incredible team of 54 staff that work with us at the Tynedale Hotel. Delivering genuine levels of hospitality, they are always friendly, extremely hardworking and do an amazing job. We are so fortunate! It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a hotel or how luxurious you make it, a hotel is only as good as its staff and we have some great talent and personalities working with us, and the proof of the pudding is here! For the Tynedale Hotel to be on the same list as The Shangri La The Shard in London is unbelievable! I mean we are not exactly comparing apples with apples. The Shangri La is a five-star city centre hotel that’s glitzy, glamorous, purpose built, with a huge choice of bedrooms and tons of facilities and an amazing view of the city. The Tynedale is a family-run seaside hotel appealing to the group travel market and independent traveller offering fabulously themed holidays. We operate in two completely different sectors and are worlds apart but with the TripAdvisor award based on reviews, it appears, with genuine hospitality, friendliness of staff, and our amazing view of Llandudno Bay we can give them a run for their money after all! The Tynedale Hotel is owned and operated by Tracey and Nathan Midgley who have been at the hotel since 1989 / 1991 respectively. The Tynedale hotel was sold and changed hands in 1997 the year we got married when new owners Howard and Mary Williams and Anthony Williams purchased the business. Tracey and I stayed on for 12 months as part of the sale agreement, managing the hotel and advising them on the business as this was a different style of hotel than they had been used to running. That first year flew by and we agreed to do a further 12 months during which we were offered the opportunity to buy Anthony William’s share of the hotel. We initially bought a 10 percent share and sold our house and both our cars to buy the additional 15 percent stake. We knocked down a few walls and created a flat within the Tynedale and moved in with our daughter and new born baby. A PARTNERSHIP WAS BORN.  A few years on and Howard and Mary moved back up to Scotland to set up another business whilst we bought a further 25% of the Tynedale. Fast forward 24 years and the original partnership continues. All partners agree that none of us would be in the positions we are in today without each other, but thanks must go to Howard and Mary for giving us the opportunity! We have invested over 3 and half million pounds into the Tynedale creating a boutique style hotel that offers holidays to groups and individuals all year round. The Hotels design and interiors is all down to Tracey who has an amazing eye for detail, creativity, and décor. Our room occupancy is a year-round 96% and we have a very loyal team of long serving staff. Neil Harrison our Head Chef started with us in 1996 and his son James started with us when he was just 13, he is now 37 has five children and heads the kitchen with his dad. Nicola Davies our Head receptionist has been with us over 20 years, with Martin our duty manager not far behind and our son in law Sam Midgley-Davies is our assistant hotel manager. We would like to thank our whole team, guests, coach operators, entertainers, suppliers, and contractors for helping us achieve this recognition. All the hard work is paying off but there is always more to do, we will continue doing what we do and improve where we can. This award is great for our business and for Llandudno, we have received amazing positive comments and support from so many local people. Big thanks to everyone that made this happen and a special mention to Barclays Bank for believing in us!!     

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Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023- Latest News

Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza & Transport Festival 29th, 30th April & 1st May Another year brings another Victorian Extravaganza to the town of Llandudno! Running since 1986, Llandudno’s Victorian Extravaganza has always been one of the biggest dates in Llandudno’s calendar, attracting well over 30,000 people as well as being a popular event with the locals. The event always promises to entertain all demographics with a huge array of fair ground rides for all ages, countless food and beverage stalls, specialist stalls from local businesses and artists, stages with live music performances, and spectacular town-wide parades. Many fond memories are forged every year at this tremendous celebration of the town. History “The Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza was founded in 1986 by Mayor Cllr Margaret Lyon, a small group of local councillors, Stuart Rivers and Ian Turner, under the umbrella of Llandudno Town Council. It came to their attention that something needed to be done to secure the long term future of the Town’s tourist industry. General consensus of opinion felt that this could be best achieved by an effort to attract visitors to bridge the lull between the traditional peaks in trade of Easter & the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May. Together with a local Heritage Enthusiast Group, the idea of a free admission show to attract visitors & trade to local business was born. To maximise the benefit to local commerce, the Event was to be staged on the town centre streets, a format conceived a year earlier at Fleetwood. To take full advantage of the opportunity, the May Day Bank Holiday was chosen as the date & a lavish display of Traditional Entertainment to compliment Llandudno’s outstanding Victorian splendour was to be the method. It included street theatre, maypole dancing in the street, carriage rides, teddy bears picnic in Happy Valley, Sandcastle competition, visit of ‘Queen Victoria’, parade of Victorians, window dressing competition and a Grand Victorian Ball. A hexagonal stage was put up in Mostyn Street outside the Leeds building society and this was the focal point of the parade, and the arrival of Queen Victoria played by actress Margaret Lacey.  Many, many people dressed in Victorian costume, and strolled the street helping the photographers to get shots for the photographic competition. A vintage Car rally was held , the highlight of which was a procession around the Marine drive, with a prize for the best car and passengers. A vintage Motor Bike rally was also held in the town, judged by the Mayor, outside the committee headquarters at the Clarence Hotel.  Receiving substantial Council grants for the time, & working closely with the voluntary sector, The Extravaganza was so successful it was felt by Llandudno Town Councillors that this event should not be run by the officers of the Council, instead of which a grant would be given each year to help stage this prestigious event, to enable them to do the organisation in a voluntary capacity. Responsibility for staging of the event passed to the Volunteer Committee who formed ‘Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza Ltd.’ which has continued to organise the Show to present day.” Source – Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza (             

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The Big Nose Roll 2023

Thursday, April 20th, 2023- Latest News

The Llandudno Vikings were at it once again this Easter Sunday! At 10:15 am Sunday Morning, 9 of them set off from the Cenotaph on Llandudno’s famous promenade. The goal, to roll a Creme Egg with their noses all the way to the paddling pool and back again! A journey totalling almost two and a half miles! The Vikings, suited up in kneepads and gloves, had to traverse the entire length of the promenade on their hands and knees not once, but TWICE! This latest event from Llandudno’s craziest fundraisers was in aid of the Turkey Syria Earthquake Appeal through British Red Cross. A monumental effort was put in by all and 4 Vikings did actually manage to finish the brutal task. Matt Harris stole the show with an incredible time of 5 hours 45 minutes, followed by Phil Kendall coming in at 7 hours. Chief Viking Nathan Midgley wasn’t far behind with a time of 7 hours and 45 minutes and bringing up the rear with a time of 9 hours was Sam Midgley-Davies. When questioned about his incredibly slow time, Viking Sam insists that it was to maximise fundraising time. A heroic gesture, I’m sure you’ll agree. Special mentions need to go out to Murod Samadov, Tom Jolley, and Tom Prosser who managed to make it all the way to the paddling pool. That’s over a mile on their hands and knees! A tremendous effort! Special mentions also need to go out to Paul Williams who did a fair amount of damage to his handsome face and of course, the amazing David Page! David, at 84 years old, got all the way to the bandstand before he had to be talked out of it with promises of a Newcastle Brown! In total, the Llandudno Vikings have managed to raise an amazing £3563.58 for the earthquake appeal. The Givewheel page is open to donations until the 9th May so if you’d like to throw some money in for this very worthy cause, visit The Big Nose Roll 2023 ( The support the Vikings have had has been incredible and each of every one of them is massively grateful to each and every one of their supporters. Whether it be 50p in a bucket, a share of a post, or just a cheery send off, all help is greatly appreciated. The Llandudno Vikings may be the ones pulling the daft stunts, but it’s all for nothing if generous people don’t offer their support. Special thanks to be made to the wonderful people at Terry Bushell Travel, Jewels Tours, and Clair’s of Derbyshire who’s continued support of the Viking’s escapades is  greatly appreciated.

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Latest News – The Great Tommy Sleep Out With Owner Nathan Midgley

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023- Latest News

On Tuesday 28th March 2023 owner Nathan Midgley was involved in The Great Tommy Sleep Out 2023! This is a charity event that sees participants all over the country sleeping rough on the streets to raise money and awareness for over 6000 military veterans that tragically find themselves homeless. Nathan and his fellow fundraisers slept on the bandstand opposite the Tynedale Hotel where they endured a cold and windy evening in nothing but their sleeping bags! So far £1,379 has been raised! You can donate through the JustGiving page here – Charles Cordell is fundraising for Royal British Legion Industries (

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Vikings Charity Walk Team

Latest News – Tynedale Hotel Home of The Llandudno Vikings & The 108 Mile Big Blindfolded Backwards Walk

Friday, January 6th, 2023- Latest News

A massive thank you to everyone that followed our journey, supported us, donated, cheered us along and laughed at us and with us all the way. The whole team did an amazing job a truly incredible effort by everyone.  So here’s a brief summary of our 48 hours. The Journey to Chester took 23hrs 19 minutes according to our Strava data. That’s the equivalent of two Marathons walking backwards 90 % Blindfolded as we unfortunately had to remove our blindfolds once we got on the coastal path 7.5 Miles outside of Chester as the icy conditions were to treacherous. Blisters, strains, nausea, soft tissue damage and exhaustion meant very very reluctantly that 5 of the 6 Backwards walking Vikings had to retire from walking and  joined the support team for the remaining 24 hours back to Llandudno. I then set off for the return leg at 10.53am from Chester arriving at Llandudno Cenotaph at 11.30am. To a fantastic welcome such great community spirit. This was a really tough challenge physically but more mentally in below freezing temperatures. I take my hat off to the team of Young Vikings aged 19 – 30  they have all learnt so much about themselves on this journey. They have been through a roller coaster of emotions, and were actually back in training two days later hiking up the Great Orme with rowing machines strapped to their backs (This Grandpa Viking is gave it a miss that night – its there playtime for now haha !!). These are our future fundraisers, stronger, wiser and hungrier and determined to beat the old man next time around and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Total Raised to date £15081 plus  £1077.50 Gift Aid making £16158.50 and its still rolling in. The whole team of Vikings regrouped to do the Llandudno boxing day dip with hundreds of others that took the plunge in what must have been the biggest crowd ever for the annual event. We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, please have a look at the links below there are some great pictures and videos of our Backwards walk epic event. All the best Nathan and all the Llandudno Vikings. Facebook Page Donate Here Check out the Official News on the Blind Veterans website too!

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The Big Blindfolded Backwards Walk 108 Miles

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022- Latest News

The Big Blindfolded Backwards Walk – 108 Miles – Supported by the Tynedale Hotel Llandudno On Friday 16th December at 10am, the Llandudno Vikings , Nathan Midgley, Sam Midgley-Davies, Jamie Mills, Tom Jolley, & Matt Harris will be taking on the grueling challenge of walking backwards from Llandudno Cenotaph to Chester Town Hall and then all the way back again…. Blindfolded dressed as Vikings!!! CLICK HERE TO DONATE We will be raising money for Blind Veterans, Macmillan and Wales Air Ambulance. Three amazing deserving charities. This will be by far our most demanding challenge to date, both mentally and physically and who knows what the weather will throw at us. The challenge could take up to 60 hours! It’s a team challenge so we can only go as fast as the last man. We are attempting to do it in one hit without sleep!! Massive thanks to our forward walking team who will guide us, keeping us safe, fed and watered. Paul Williams, Gerwyn Lewis, Murod Samadov, Dave Parrish, Joe & Harry Jolley, Callum Hold, Graham Davies, Joel Hubbard , Antony Bertola and Garth Butcher. Please donate what you can, even if it’s just your time to wave us off or welcome us home, but ultimately your cash is King. Let’s make a difference this Christmas! Please follow The Big Blindfolded Backwards Walk on our Facebook page :- Thank you The Llandudno Vikings Download more information on the event here: Tynedale Hotel Llandudno Vikings 108 Backwards Walk  

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Two hotels in Welsh seaside town among TripAdvisor’s top 25 UK places to stay

Friday, May 13th, 2022- Latest News

TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2022 have been revealed and two Welsh hotels are named in the ‘Best of the Best’ top 25 hotels for the UK. The Lawton & Lauriston Court Hotel and the Tynedale Hotel in Llandudno are placed at numbers 21 and 22 on the list respectively, which also features big London venus like Claridges, The Hari and The Berkeley. The 2022 Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards are based on the quality and quantity of traveller reviews and ratings posted on Tripadvisor over the 12-month period from January 1, 2021 through to December 31, 2021. Extract from the Wales Online News Article: Then at 22 is the Tynedale, also on this seafront, this time at the Central Promenade. It has also been named in the Best of the Best list on TripAdvisor, back in 2020. As well as a plethora of seaview rooms, the Tynedale offers its Snowdon and Mostyn Penthouse Suites, that have dual aspect picture windows offering spectacular views of the town and far reaching views of Conwy mountain and Snowdonia. Original Source  – Wales Online

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Autumn – Winter Theme Breaks 2020 News

Friday, September 25th, 2020- Latest News

Please see below the latest news regarding the Hotel’s Winter Program of Holidays for 2020. We Will Still be operating!  

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ITV Wales News Broadcast in Llandudno

Sunday, July 19th, 2020- Latest News

Please find below an ITV Wales News recording regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the Tourism trade in Wales and in particular Llandudno. This video clip includes an interview with Nathan Midgley the proprietor of the Tynedale hotel. We would like to thank ITV Wales for covering this story and bringing awareness of the impact to Tourism, that Covid-19 has had.

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The Big Walk

The Big Walk

Friday, December 7th, 2018- Latest News

We are a group of friends known locally as the Llandudno Vikings our ages range from 19 – 49. On the 15th of December 2018 we will be walking BACKWARDS BLINDFOLDED to Chester Town Hall from Llandudno a distance of 50 miles and raising money for our three chosen charities To Donate, please click here – FUND ME Or please spread our message by sharing our page by clicking here – SHARE  

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Special Offers

Lux 2017 Hospitality Awards HO1700015

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017- Latest News

Best Boutique Hotel – Llandudno       The Tynedale Hotel is a family owned 54 bedroom hotel situated on the sea front in Llandudno. We spoke to Nathan Midgley to find out more. Centrally located on Llandudno’s iconic Victorian promenade, the Tynedale Hotel is a Wales Tourist Board approved provider of holiday accommodation in Llandudno. Nathan, who runs the hotel alongside his wife Tracey, discusses the hotel’s success, which is the result of over 25 years hard work by the husband and wife team together with their dedicated staff. “The Tynedale Hotel, is currently ranked at number 7 out of 62 hotels in Llandudno by trip advisor, and at the time of writing is the only large hotel in the top ten. We are rated by the WTB & AA as 3 stars with an 85% merit score. We have a scores on the door food hygiene rating of 5 out of 5. All of this is testimony to the level of excellence we aim to offer every guest who stays with us.” Major investment of time and money has seen the hotel change from a traditional resort coach hotel to a contemporary boutique style operation which will appeal to the independent traveller as well as the group travel market that wants a modern bright welcoming hotel with contemporary features, together with exciting innovative menus and high levels of genuine hospitality. Nathan explains how this reinvention has helped the hotel to flourish. “With major reinvestment of profit year on year since 2002, we are finally achieving the look and feel for the hotel which was just a vision all those years ago. The hotels basement was transformed in to our contemporary bistro style restaurant ‘Peppercorns One Floor Below’. My wife designed and project managed the transformation within three weeks.” Overall, the future looks bright for the Tynedale Hotel, which will continue to adapt in order to offer guests the experience they need, as Nathan concludes. “Looking ahead, we have an ongoing program of upgrading works to bedrooms and in January 2018 will be converting four bedrooms to make two luxury penthouse suites. Additionally, to enable us to attract customers all year around we have developed a winter theme program that dares to be different. We offer theme holidays, with Ice bars and gala dinners, we have just launched our April Welsh Gourmet Weekends aimed at the to give our customers a true taste of Wales experience. Careful planning and attention to detail goes into every one of our theme breaks to ensure we deliver a real quality product and a truly wonderful guest experience and we are excited to be offering more of them over the coming years.”

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National Coach Tourism Awards 2014

Success at national tourism awards

Monday, June 9th, 2014- Awards, Events, Latest News

Tynedale Hotel has been recognised as a finalist at this year’s National Coach Tourism Awards.

The awards, held last night in Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom, and organised by trade magazine Coach Monthly, recognises excellence and innovation across coach tour operators, tourist destinations and attractions, and industry suppliers.

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Restaurant & Cafe Bar 1

Welcome to Peppercorns

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014- Latest News

As part of our development we have provided our guests for 2014 with the very best dining experience here at the Tyndale.

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Llandudno Football Team

Tynedale Hotel helps local team become champions

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013- Events, Latest News, Local Support

No, this is not one of our mock up events. It is for real! We are very proud to say that we have helped the local soccer team to fulfil their dreams.

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Tourism Awards

Success for Tynedale Hotel at national tourism awards

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013- Awards, Events

The Tynedale Hotel Llandudno has been recognised as a finalist at the annual Coach Tourism Awards, held last night in Liverpool.

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2012 -The Year that was….

Thursday, January 17th, 2013- Latest News

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