Tynedale Hotel Places 10th in TripAdvisor’s Top Hotels in the UK!


We’ve been named the 10th best hotel in the UK by TripAdvisor!

TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2023 have named the Tynedale Hotel the 10th best hotel you can visit in the UK!

We are absolutely thrilled, honoured, and humbled by this huge recognition. It Is unimaginable that out of all the hotels in the UK we have been named in TripAdvisor’s top ten places to stay. How did they even begin to find us? There’s an awful lot of thank you’s that we need to make but the number 1 reason we have been placed so highly is all down to our incredible team of 54 staff that work with us at the Tynedale Hotel. Delivering genuine levels of hospitality, they are always friendly, extremely hardworking and do an amazing job. We are so fortunate! It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a hotel or how luxurious you make it, a hotel is only as good as its staff and we have some great talent and personalities working with us, and the proof of the pudding is here! For the Tynedale Hotel to be on the same list as The Shangri La The Shard in London is unbelievable! I mean we are not exactly comparing apples with apples. The Shangri La is a five-star city centre hotel that’s glitzy, glamorous, purpose built, with a huge choice of bedrooms and tons of facilities and an amazing view of the city. The Tynedale is a family-run seaside hotel appealing to the group travel market and independent traveller offering fabulously themed holidays. We operate in two completely different sectors and are worlds apart but with the TripAdvisor award based on reviews, it appears, with genuine hospitality, friendliness of staff, and our amazing view of Llandudno Bay we can give them a run for their money after all!

The Tynedale Hotel is owned and operated by Tracey and Nathan Midgley who have been at the hotel since 1989 / 1991 respectively. The Tynedale hotel was sold and changed hands in 1997 the year we got married when new owners Howard and Mary Williams and Anthony Williams purchased the business. Tracey and I stayed on for 12 months as part of the sale agreement, managing the hotel and advising them on the business as this was a different style of hotel than they had been used to running. That first year flew by and we agreed to do a further 12 months during which we were offered the opportunity to buy Anthony William’s share of the hotel.

We initially bought a 10 percent share and sold our house and both our cars to buy the additional 15 percent stake. We knocked down a few walls and created a flat within the Tynedale and moved in with our daughter and new born baby. A PARTNERSHIP WAS BORN.  A few years on and Howard and Mary moved back up to Scotland to set up another business whilst we bought a further 25% of the Tynedale. Fast forward 24 years and the original partnership continues. All partners agree that none of us would be in the positions we are in today without each other, but thanks must go to Howard and Mary for giving us the opportunity!

We have invested over 3 and half million pounds into the Tynedale creating a boutique style hotel that offers holidays to groups and individuals all year round. The Hotels design and interiors is all down to Tracey who has an amazing eye for detail, creativity, and décor.

Our room occupancy is a year-round 96% and we have a very loyal team of long serving staff. Neil Harrison our Head Chef started with us in 1996 and his son James started with us when he was just 13, he is now 37 has five children and heads the kitchen with his dad. Nicola Davies our Head receptionist has been with us over 20 years, with Martin our duty manager not far behind and our son in law Sam Midgley-Davies is our assistant hotel manager.

We would like to thank our whole team, guests, coach operators, entertainers, suppliers, and contractors for helping us achieve this recognition. All the hard work is paying off but there is always more to do, we will continue doing what we do and improve where we can. This award is great for our business and for Llandudno, we have received amazing positive comments and support from so many local people. Big thanks to everyone that made this happen and a special mention to Barclays Bank for believing in us!!