Breakfast Sample Menu

Breakfast at the Tynedale

Here at the Tynedale, we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re hiking up the Great Orme, enjoying a day on the high street, or just relaxing in the comfort of one of our many lounges, we’ll have just what you need to start your day.


Chilled Fruit Juice

Orange – Apple – Grapefruit – Tomato – Cranberry

Stewed Prunes – Grapefruit Segments – Orange Segments

Fresh Fruit Platter

A mixture of fruit freshly prepared by the chef daily

Llaeth y Llan Dairy Yoghurts

A variety of flavours


Cornflakes – Bran Flakes – Weetabix – Rice Krispies – Muesli

Porridge Oats

Served with Demerara sugar, dairy cream and Scotch whisky


Traditional Breakfast Platter

Pork sausage, fried egg, rasher of bacon, fried potato, warmed savoury scone, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms, and black pudding

Vegan Hash (cooked to order)

Chopped vegan sausage, fried potato, mushroom, peppers and tomato, fried in onion, garlic & mixed spices. Served with a side of baked beans

Welsh Rarebit (cooked to order)

Granary bread topped with our special recipe rarebit grilled and served with slices of fresh tomato

Café Society (cooked to order)

Creamy scrambled eggs with home cooked roast ham

Welsh Crempog (cooked to order)

Similar to American pancakes but with plump raisins and currants. Served with honey or maple syrup

Broadway (cooked to order)

Grilled bacon and one or two fried eggs wrapped in a French crepe topped with maple syrup

Omelette Arnold Bennet (cooked to order)

Smoked haddock omelette topped with grated cheese and cream then browned under the grill


White or Wholemeal Toast

With butter and preserves

Tea and Dwyfor Filter Coffee

Please inform a member of staff if you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached, fried, or boiled

Dishes cooked to order may be subject to delays during busy periods

Should you have any dietary requirements, please inform a member of our restaurant team