M.V. Tynedale – Landlubbers Cruise – 32 Years on the High Seas

The M.V. Tynedale’s World Famous Landlubber Mock Cruise is Back!

Going on 32 years, our increasingly popular mock cruise themed breaks have launched for another fun packed season.

Four night themed breaks running between late January and mid April.

Guests will be shipped around the world to four exciting locations. We begin in Paris, ‘The City of Lights’ where passengers will be welcomed with open arms by our crew. While the ship’s porters deal with luggage, all passengers will be treated to a complimentary cake with tea or coffee, just so long as they’ve had their passports stamped! Once all passengers have settled in, we begin the night with a cocktail party, with a complimentary cocktail and designer canapes followed by a briefing from the ship’s officers. Once our Trans-Atlantic restaurant deck opens, passengers will be treated to a sumptuous evening meal with a French twist and a touch of theatre. Then we’re off to our next port of call, Acapulco, Mexico.

Day two sees us arriving in Acapulco, Mexico! Guests should be wary of Godfrey the camel who has been known to make multiple appearances whilst in Mexico. There’s complimentary tea, coffee, and cake in the afternoon and passengers can take part in our casino night before dinner. Full size roulette and blackjack tables with chips for everyone to join in! Then another fantastic meal followed by entertainment while the ship leaves Acapulco for its next port of call, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Day Three and we’ve landed in Honolulu, Hawaii. After breakfast and an afternoon of exploring the island, guests will be treated to another complimentary cake with tea and coffee as well as deck games to stoke some competition amongst the passengers. Then passengers may be joined by some local wildlife during our duty-free beach party whereafter another wonderful meal will be served in our Trans-Atlantic restaurant and we set sail to our final destination, Venice, Italy.

Our final destination is the beautiful city of Venice. A complimentary cake with tea and coffee is again on the agenda during the afternoon, followed by deck games and a chance to ride in our gondola. For our final evening the captain invites his guests to join him for a masquerade cocktail party followed by a delicious Italian themed banquet where a few lucky distinguished guest will join him on the Captain’s table.

Here at the M.V. Tynedale, we always look forward to our cruising season as do many of our guests. Here’s to safe seas for the remainder of our voyages!


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