The Big Nose Roll 2023

The Llandudno Vikings were at it once again this Easter Sunday! At 10:15 am Sunday Morning, 9 of them set off from the Cenotaph on Llandudno’s famous promenade. The goal, to roll a Creme Egg with their noses all the way to the paddling pool and back again! A journey totalling almost two and a half miles! The Vikings, suited up in kneepads and gloves, had to traverse the entire length of the promenade on their hands and knees not once, but TWICE! This latest event from Llandudno’s craziest fundraisers was in aid of the Turkey Syria Earthquake Appeal through British Red Cross.

A monumental effort was put in by all and 4 Vikings did actually manage to finish the brutal task. Matt Harris stole the show with an incredible time of 5 hours 45 minutes, followed by Phil Kendall coming in at 7 hours. Chief Viking Nathan Midgley wasn’t far behind with a time of 7 hours and 45 minutes and bringing up the rear with a time of 9 hours was Sam Midgley-Davies. When questioned about his incredibly slow time, Viking Sam insists that it was to maximise fundraising time. A heroic gesture, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Special mentions need to go out to Murod Samadov, Tom Jolley, and Tom Prosser who managed to make it all the way to the paddling pool. That’s over a mile on their hands and knees! A tremendous effort! Special mentions also need to go out to Paul Williams who did a fair amount of damage to his handsome face and of course, the amazing David Page! David, at 84 years old, got all the way to the bandstand before he had to be talked out of it with promises of a Newcastle Brown!

In total, the Llandudno Vikings have managed to raise an amazing £3563.58 for the earthquake appeal. The Givewheel page is open to donations until the 9th May so if you’d like to throw some money in for this very worthy cause, visit The Big Nose Roll 2023 (

The support the Vikings have had has been incredible and each of every one of them is massively grateful to each and every one of their supporters. Whether it be 50p in a bucket, a share of a post, or just a cheery send off, all help is greatly appreciated. The Llandudno Vikings may be the ones pulling the daft stunts, but it’s all for nothing if generous people don’t offer their support. Special thanks to be made to the wonderful people at Terry Bushell Travel, Jewels Tours, and Clair’s of Derbyshire who’s continued support of the Viking’s escapades is  greatly appreciated.