Latest News – Tynedale Hotel Home of The Llandudno Vikings & The 108 Mile Big Blindfolded Backwards Walk

A massive thank you to everyone that followed our journey, supported us, donated, cheered us along and laughed at us and with us all the way.

The whole team did an amazing job a truly incredible effort by everyone.  So here’s a brief summary of our 48 hours.

The Journey to Chester took 23hrs 19 minutes according to our Strava data. That’s the equivalent of two Marathons walking backwards 90 % Blindfolded as we unfortunately had to remove our blindfolds once we got on the coastal path 7.5 Miles outside of Chester as the icy conditions were to treacherous. Blisters, strains, nausea, soft tissue damage and exhaustion meant very very reluctantly that 5 of the 6 Backwards walking Vikings had to retire from walking and  joined the support team for the remaining 24 hours back to Llandudno.

Vikings Charity Walk Team

I then set off for the return leg at 10.53am from Chester arriving at Llandudno Cenotaph at 11.30am. To a fantastic welcome such great community spirit. This was a really tough challenge physically but more mentally in below freezing temperatures.

I take my hat off to the team of Young Vikings aged 19 – 30  they have all learnt so much about themselves on this journey. They have been through a roller coaster of emotions, and were actually back in training two days later hiking up the Great Orme with rowing machines strapped to their backs (This Grandpa Viking is gave it a miss that night – its there playtime for now haha !!). These are our future fundraisers, stronger, wiser and hungrier and determined to beat the old man next time around and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Total Raised to date £15081 plus  £1077.50 Gift Aid making £16158.50 and its still rolling in.

The Big Blindfolded Backwards Walk Charity Breakdown Image

The whole team of Vikings regrouped to do the Llandudno boxing day dip with hundreds of others that took the plunge in what must have been the biggest crowd ever for the annual event.

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, please have a look at the links below there are some great pictures and videos of our Backwards walk epic event.

All the best Nathan and all the Llandudno Vikings.

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